Medicinal use of Cannabis Reform Cymru


Medicinal Cannabis Reform Cymru:  Sunday January 6th 2019

A proposal for reform.

Despite the recent landmark legislation change on the 1st of November 2018, which made it lawful for GMC registered specialists to prescribe cannabis derived products to patients when qualifying to strict conditions, cannabis remains mostly unavailable to the overwhelming majority of patients who are still unable to access cannabis lawfully. The number of cannabis prescriptions so far have been minuscule and largely ineffective. Thereby condemning countless adults and children to unnecessary suffering, pain or death.

Every single person in Wales is unique and individual, especially when it comes to our health requirements.  The Right to Choose Medicinal Cannabis Program Cymru, would ensure that we are all treated as such and allow us the right to self-determination, by playing a major role in deciding for ourselves, how we want our healthcare to proceed.  Under the current regime, it is as though we are put onto a conveyor belt and treated with the same protocol as everyone else with the same named condition, in a “one size fits all” approach. This process usually involves following your clinician’s instructions and taking the drugs you are prescribed, and then frequently, further drugs are poly-prescribed to cope with side effects of the initially drugs prescribed.

Countless citizens of Wales have turned from this often, side effect ridden, pharmaceutical approach and risk prosecution, persecution and up to 14 years in prison, for making an informed autonomous health decision, by returning to humanity’s most ancient and traditional herbal health remedy, that is natural herbal cannabis. This often occurs after people have suffered from either intolerable, life-threatening treatments or side effects from ineffective pharmaceutical methods, and in some cases, to manage their alcoholism.

January 2019 – M.C.R.C meet with Arfon Jones and Plaid Cymru to discuss how we proceed with our proposal.

This risk of criminalisation for our health choices must stop!

This social discrimination for making this autonomous health choice must stop!

Patient autonomy, participation and choice must be implemented and respected.

Natural herbal cannabis should not be the last resort, but available as a first option.

Thanks to globally available anecdotal and medical research papers about the benefits, harms and risks of cannabis, people are far more educated about their own health issues than ever before and are realising there are ways other than the pharmaceutical protocol.

Some recent cases have already been shown that prescribed cannabis derived products have caused intolerable side effects for some patients that are generally not caused by natural herbal cannabis, so the patients’ choice should be the patients’ choice!

Therefore, MCRC propose WE should have THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE what WE put into OUR bodies. This decision should be no one else’s decision and should remain the sole right of each individual person to autonomously decide for themselves how they manage their own health, well-being and happiness. In a free and democratic society, personal health choices should not be dictated upon pain of criminalisation, unemployment, eviction and discrimination.

Proposed by  G.M.  – “Illegally alive prostate cancer and Cannabis patient.”

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