Benefits to Wales in farming Hemp

The benefits of not having to apply for licensing to grow hemp within Wales are huge.  It would allow farmers to cultivate their own grazing or feed supplies quickly and cheaply with a full nutritional benefit not only to the animals fed or grazed on it, but also to the population at large as it would allow naturally occurring cannabinoids needed by the human body back into our systems, thus providing a vast natural boost to human health and well-being.

Hemp can also be used as bedding for animals, it improves soil quality, extracts Co2 from the air, improving air quality, uses less water than just about any other crop, is naturally pest resistant and grows at phenomenal speed.

Other uses for hemp include textiles, paper, bio fuel, hempcrete for housing, and with more research and development bio-sustainable plastic, which would remove plastics from our coastlines and could make Wales a world leader in pioneering scientific development.

It can also help to cut food costs whilst allowing for job creation within a potentially ecologically sound business development area.  The potential for small businesses within Wales to start, develop and flourish is immense.  An increase in revenue for Wales would allow funding for all areas, schools, NHS, Policing and housing, not to mention infrastructure.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!


Hemp fed livestock is becoming a reality. Thanks to a decision by the Colorado state Senate on February 14, 2017, studies will be conducted into the viability and safety of using hemp in livestock feed. more…

Ecological benefits of hemp and flax
cultivation and products

By Stephan Piotrowski and Michael Carus

Both hemp and flax are valuable preceding crops in rotations. Especially hemp has a deep rooting system, has a favourable influence on the soil structure and curtails the presence of nematodes and fungi. After cultivation, the soil is left in optimum conditions (tilth) due to the complete weed suppression following from the high shading capacity of hemp. A study by Bócsa and Karus 1998 reports 10–20 percent higher wheat yields after the cultivation of hemp.  more…

Hemp Seeds for Ecology and Agriculture.

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