The Trev Coleman Initiative

Hi There, I have forwarded this work of Trevor Coleman, formerly of Teeside Cannabis Social Club and currently of Feed the Birds and The British Hemp Association, to yourself in the belief and hope that this could alter the direction of Wales for the improvement of the Welsh People. Austerity is a false Westminster construct from a corrupt government invested in fossil fuels, that needn’t be occurring. A few simple yet bold crop changes could change everything for the better.

In short, an acre of hemp/cannabis can yield around 1000 gallons of hemp oil, fodder, biomass, medicine and ancillary products for the adult market, with an estimated value of £6 million per acre with a 2.4 multiplier, making each acre worth a potential £15 million. This proposed Green Industrial Revolution could shatter austerity, increase employment opportunities, reduce social, environmental & economic harms whilst generating vast revenues for Wales, or the entire UK if more widespread reforms occurred.

I hope that a meeting could be arranged with Leanne, Trevor and his colleague Simon Blackwell, father of Deryn Blackwell “The Boy in Seven Billion” and also of The British Hemp Society, so that a thorough discussion of the proposed model and how to unlock the economic potential of hemp/cannabis can happen with a possible plan for how to progress.

Wales would really benefit from this sort of industry and they already have the vast majority of infrastructure in place to make a success of it all.

Best wishes

Phil Monk founder of We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis


Hemp fibres ‘better than graphene’

While cashing in on the recreational and medicinal industries, we can also be securing the future of energy independence. From the sticks and stems we can produce a material called graphene.

Graphene is a layer of carbon that is one atom thick, 100 times better conductor than copper, lighter than air, stronger than steel! Made from graphite/coal (which as anyone knows is a dying industry), it currently retails at around $2000 per gram. Made from cannabis, its $500 per TON! To put that in to perspective, that’s 907,185 grams at a saving of $1,814,369,500.

This is a technology that has already been produced and tested by billionaire Manoj Bhargava and featured in his documentary Billions in Change where he demonstrates graphene cables being used as proposal for 21st century geothermal energy;


What can we do to make Wales more financially viable and healthier for it’s people?  We can take a chance and invest in our country, we can talk to the people who are affected rather than just let government make all the decisions on our behalf.  We need to be a country that involves it’s people and listens to them, not one that is dictated to by out of touch politicians.

In short we can be a great country in our own right, we just need to involve and consult with the right people, but what we first need is FREEDOM OF CHOICE and investment, by the people for the benefit of the people.

The following link gives some ideas of what can be done In Wales, and some idea of how to go about it.

Devolution and local growth

A study was done some time ago that stated with only 6% of land put to use for hemp bimoass production, would wipe out the need for fossil fuels.

INDUSTRIAL HEMP BIO-FUELS 50 CENTS PER GALLON!: Henry Ford On Industrial Hemp – Hemp General Information

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