Gareth Morgan – My Truth

Almost three years ago, aged 47, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Advanced Prostate Cancer. The only treatment available to me (to slow the disease down, not cure) was Hormone Therapy. I was also offered Chemotherapy which trials had shown may increase my life expectancy by up to 12 months. Having previously witnessed the side effects of Chemotherapy I was reluctant but I signed up for it.

The first (and only) session almost killed me. My immune system was already suppressed by medication for the Kidney transplant I had received 8 years prior to this, the Chemotherapy wiped me, I was neutropenic and it was a very close call. I was aware of the evidence available regarding the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and undertook further research; it soon became apparent that this plant had a lot to offer. I discovered it was easy to source high quality CBD oil but that I needed THC to fight the cancer cells.

Due to the classification of cannabis, I have been forced to source the THC oil illegally but it’s a risk I am willing to take, rather than be a dead law-abiding citizen! I have seen significant effects on my health – lower blood pressure, improved sleep, helping to mitigate the debilitating side effects of the hormone therapy, alleviating my anxiety, increasing my appetite, being able to reduce my immune-suppressants, and most importantly my PSA (Prostrate Cancer indicator) has dropped from 117 to 0.1. My Renal Team and Oncology Team are fully aware that I am using cannabis oil to improve my quality of life and to fight for my life.  My kidney function has never been better and the PSA result is impressive, in their words, “keep doing what you’re doing”.

It is not all good though, the stress of being forced to act illegally and the expense involved in sourcing my oil does take its toll. The law as set out by our government(s) is denying me my basic human right to live well or even to die well. It makes no sense that other far more harmful substances such as alcohol and opioids are legal whilst a natural plant which has so many benefits is classified as illegal.

Almost three years ago I was given no hope, thanks to Cannabis I can hope, and I can live well.

Gareth Morgan x