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On this page you will find our currently printable leaflet and other information relating to cannabis,  This page will grow steadily as we go along and there is more to add to it.  We hope to be adding research articles and other useful information for you to read and enjoy.

For legal reasons we won’t be showing you how to ‘grow your own’ but there are plenty of resources out there if you need to have a look.

If there are any particular articles or other information you would like to see here, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

Our currently available 4 page leaflet

These are with the printers and we will start handing them out shortly.

Founded in January 2019 by a collective.

In January, 2019, MCRC was formed by a group of like minded patients living in Wales (and one or two from over the border). We felt it necessary, as although there had been a law change on November 1st regarding prescribing medicinal cannabis, no one seemed to be getting treated!

MCRC ultimate goal is to give the people of Wales ‘THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE’. Whether it’s pharmaceutical cannabis derived medicines or home grown natural herbal cannabis we demand ‘THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE ‘.

We aim to lobby politicians, police commissioners and whoever else is responsible for these draconian laws.

MCRC would like to extend a massive ‘diolch yn fawr’ to our sister group, MCRS (Scotland) and Bernie, from whom the inspiration was taken. Keep doing what your doing!

Please join us in our fight for the freedom to be in control of what we put in our bodies.

Cannabis extract helps reset brain function in psychosis

Research from King’s College London has found that a single dose of the cannabis extract cannabidiol can help reduce brain function abnormalities seen in people with psychosis more…

Help from Phil Monk of WTU

Phil Monk founder of We The Undersigned has joined us to advise and assist with our narrower focus for Medical home grown Cannabis.

MCRC was Founded in January 2019 as a way to attempt to pull together patients, health care professionals, police and local government to devise a way to allow some ‘comfort’ to anyone needing to grow their own medicine.  Whilst we appreciate that Cannabis should be first and foremost considered a super food, most people see it as a medication, we all have to take baby steps.

We are seeking ‘letters of comfort’ from medical professionals backing our right to utilise cannabis as a treatment, and also from police to use ‘discretionary measures’ when considering raids.

Legalization doesn’t always necessarily mean decriminalization!

It has become painfully clear over the last few years that global attempts to prohibit cannabis have been an unmitigated failure and disaster. It has severely detrimentally effected communities around the world, severed public relations with the police and eroded trust in the judicial system – breeding intergenerational distrust, suspicion and hared of authoritative institutions. Read more on Weed World Magazine, by Simpa

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