If you would like to join our cause as we fight for the right to choose to grow our own medicinal cannabis strains, please drop us a message, there is no cost, and we don’t charge for merchandise, but we would be delighted to receive a donation as we are all volunteers and all the funds for M.C.R.C are from Donations received or money that we have raised.


We talk amongst ourselves regularly, share stories, ideas, knowledge and a great many other things.

We are first and foremost a community with an emphasis on mutual support in whatever form that takes, from a cuppa to rallying the troops.

We seek to educate and enlighten, we are constantly looking for ways to improve peoples lives, not just in the medical cannabis community but throughout Wales.  Many of us are THINKERS and can spend hours looking at what is wrong and what can be done about it, and then working on ways that we could start making a difference.

Gradually we will start introducing BLOGS and possibly even VLOGS to this site covering all aspects of life that affect every day people like ourselves and others in Wales, we hope we can cover things that you will find interesting, things like nutrition and recipes, research & development, news to name a few.

We are building a community, not just for medicinal cannabis users, we hope to be able to include everyone.  If we can achieve our initial goals, then we can move on to making a difference in other areas. xx


People often feel powerless. Especially when fighting the monolith that is prohibition. I often hear, “What can I possibly do? I’m just one voice!”. Whilst this is true, and both are valid points, we must not underestimate the power of a United Community. Moreover, a United Medical CannaCommunity!

Our CannaCommunity is rich and diverse in our art, music, cuisine, fashion and traditions. We do not deserve persecution or prosecution for our chosen way of life. Our CannaCulture should be celebrated as part of the Tapestry of Britain, not criminalised and brutally oppressed.

So, our greatest power is Unity and Truth.

Join MCRC. Share your truth without fear of reprisals, although they exist and may happen. Fear is their most powerful weapon.

Tell the truth about herbal medicinal cannabis every chance you get. This is the most powerful weapon we have. The Truth about Cannabis and their lies, why we should be allowed to peacefully grow our own medical strains.

Join MCRC in writing letters to your local representative MPs in Parliament, the Police and your doctor. They are there to serve The People, so unless We write and inform them of our knowledge, beliefs and desires, they will never know what we want them to do.

Donate- The root of all evil is always required. Printing, events and merchandise all cost money, which is always in low supply. Members can donate to MCRC to help cover the costs for printing, hosting events and merchandise.

We do not sell cannabis, or supply cannabis, we are purely here to fight for our HUMAN RIGHTS to be allowed to treat ourselves in the best way possible for our individual needs, we are campaigners seeking COMFORT from our government and police forces.


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