Below are some testimonials from people who use cannabis for a variety of reasons.

My truth

Hi there, I’m Phil Monk, the founder of WTU, husband, father of 3 and non-practising college teacher of Adult Literacy, numeracy, English for Speakers of Other Languages and Spanish. I am now disabled by constant chronic myofascial pain from joint hypermobility syndrome, bilateral ulnar impaction syndrome, childhood PTSD and the subsequent depression disability generally causes. Prescribed drugs have nearly killed me thrice with horrendous hospitalising side effects, including a TIA mini stroke episode from Citalopram, a brain haemorrhage scare from Beta Blockers, a bowel /bladder cancer / nerve damage scare from tramadol and a liver/bile duct cancer scare from Zomorph and Omeprazole. Consequently, I am now terrified of taking any more prescribed synthetic drugs. The only relief I have been able to get has been achieved through herbalism and the therapeutic practise of natural herbal cannabis. Without this herbal remedy, I am like Dorothy’s Tin Man, all seized up with crunchingly painful toes, ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, wrists and knuckles robbing me of my strength and mobility, positivity, connectivity and creativity. Natural herbal cannabis remedies are like oil to my joints, releasing the shackles of pain which bind me, lifting my mind above the pain, enabling me to better function in my life, with my family and community and empowers me to achieve the best quality of life and well-being possible, in the face of my conditions.

Phil Monk

My story

Due to the classification of cannabis, I have been forced to source the THC oil illegally but it’s a risk I am willing to take, rather than be a dead law-abiding citizen! I have seen significant effects on my health – lower blood pressure, improved sleep, helping to mitigate the debilitating side effects of the hormone therapy, alleviating my anxiety, increasing my appetite, being able to reduce my immune-suppressants, and most importantly my PSA (Prostrate Cancer indicator) has dropped from 117 to 0.1. My Renal Team and Oncology Team are fully aware that I am using cannabis oil to improve my quality of life and to fight for my life.  My kidney function has never been better and the PSA result is impressive, in their words, “keep doing what you’re doing”.

Gareth Morgan

My life before Cannabis

As a teenager I developed arthritis in both my knees, As I’ve aged this has only got worse. The pain is kind of normal for me now but when it gets really bad a mixture of topical CBD balms and ingestion / smoking of cannabis gives me great relief. The cannabis also allows me to get good sleep (Something that is rare with pain). The quality of my life has improved since I started using cannabis.

Paul S.

Why I fight

I’m now almost 48, I’ve had Fibromyalgia since I was 7 years old that has flared up here and there through the years.  I also have IBS, Reynaulds, Bipolar and Duanes Syndrome and a few other things besides. I’ve been taking Full Extract CBD Oil since December 2017 and using CBD Topicals.  I also use cannabis infused oils sublingually at night, also I use a dry herb vaporiser with cannabis at night to help me relax and quiet my mind.  The combination of all things is treating everything, I’ve not taken ANY PRESCRIBED MEDICATION since December 2017, not even paracetamol.  Previously I was taking Gabapentine, Tramadol, Naproxen, Osomeprazole, Diazepam, Lithium to name a few. Medication caused me more harm than good.  Mirtazapine damaged my thyroid and made it under active, so they fed me Leviothyroxine.  Osemaprazole damaged my gut and has left me B12 and Folate Deficient.  CBD and Cannabis infused oils have reversed the thyroid damage, the B12 is still a struggle daily. Without CBD and Cannabis I FIRMLY believe I would not be alive now, I reached the point where none of the medication was working, it was just doing me more damage, mentally and physically.  I’m not cured of ANYTHING, but I have some of my life back, and a great deal more of me back.  My family will happily testify to the difference they have seen in me. I want the right to choose my treatment, and to grow my own cannabis strains without being persecuted and prosecuted.  MY BODY MY CHOICE.  xx

Claire Sparey

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